Birth Name:  BrianScott Fitzgerald
Birth Place:  Evergreen Park, Illinois 

With intense brown eyes and a physique that looks like hewas carved out of a block of testosterone, Brian Fitzgerald is your all-American guy next door.  Although born in the Midwest, Brian grew up in Texas and is a southern boy at heart.  He graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station.  With a degree in Business Analysis with an emphasis in Marketing, Brian began "acting" with his successful career in sales. Having sold in high-tech, manufacturing and telecommunications for others he thought it was time to start selling himself, so he went into business for himself. Brian has owned several companies, including a wireless telecommunications company, a computer consulting and staffing firm, arestaurant/bar and a business brokers firm. So finally after being successful selling for other peopleand being in business for himself he is set to take over the entertainment industry.

Easy going, yet charismatic, Fitzgerald has a gift for drawing people in and putting them at ease. With his dry sense of humor and quick wit, he is considered the"life of the party", always leaving his audience wanting more. Brian has been, and continues to be under the coaching of Ken Farmer in his PAG Acting is Storytelling class.  Brian has also been trained in numerous classes, including Camera Acting and TV Commercial Acting, at the renowned KDStudio.  He has also been coached by thetalented Bob Michaels in the many realms of voice-over. As you can see from hisresume, Brian has already appeared in numerous commercials, industrials, TVspots and Films. A self-proclaimed risk taker, success driven Fitzgerald notonly wants to conquer the world of acting, but also has a desire to create andproduce…..So watch out world!

"Brian is the best actor of our generation." -Maureen Fitzgerald
"Why don't you get a real job?" - RichardFitzgerald
"Would you hurry up and make it so I can ride yourcoattails." - Dennis Decet
“At this rate you'll haveand Oscar next year and be in Betty Ford the next summer.” - James Kennemur