Invincible                                              Randy Hughes                     Who’s Nuts Production - Ericson Core

Walking Tall 3                                      Police Officer                        Walk The Walk – Tripp Reed

Ciao                                                        Patron                                    Unauthorized Films - Yen Tan

Divine Souls                                         Security Guard                      L.C.A. Films – James McDonald

Living & Dying                                    Detective                               New Films International – Jon Keeyes

Striking Range                                      Bodyguard                            Serendipitous Films - Daniel Millican

Hexed                                                     Ayre Gross                            Price Entertainment - Alan Spencer

The Wrong Hit                                     Blaine Edwards                     Gomez Productions - Juan Frausto

Cake                                                       Security Guard                      Baby Galigo Films – Will Wallace

After Sundown                                     Bar Patron                             After Sundown Films – Chris Abram

Spy                                                         Delaney                                 The Movie Group - Matt Coleman

Broken Path                                          Jack Ellis Sr.                          Savana Pictures - Koichi Sakamoto

Karma Police                                         Office Worker                       Parkviewplace Pictures - John Venable


Prison Break                                          FOX/Rat Entertainment                      Border Patrol

Inspector Mom                                     Fireside Entertainment                        FBI Agent

Walker, Texas Ranger                         Amadea Productions                           Paramedic                             

Inseparable                                           Fritz Kiersch/Rod Slane                       Nate                                       

Toyota - Texas Edition                        Moran Group                                        Cowboy                

Equal Opportunity                               Old Dog Films                                       Sam

Always is Forever                                Wildwood Films                                   Clarke

Politics                                                   Solace Pictures                                     Dave Bucknam


KDFW, The Jeffersons, ESPN, NASCAR, Remax, Prudential, Hot on Homes, Bell Helicopter, Forth Worth VCB, Germantown Aesthetics, First Madison Mortgage, Batiz’s ESL, XM Radio



Acting is Storytelling, Ongoing                                        P.A.G., Ken Farmer

Camera Acting, TV Commercials                                       KD Studios, Clarke Lindsley, Dell Johnson

Beginning Acting, Voice Over                                           S.T.A.G.E., Gail Cronauer, Bob Michaels

Acting For Commercials                                                     John Robert Powers, Allen Larson

Intermediate Acting                                                             The Actors Place, Shannon Marketic

Bachelor of Business Administration                               Texas A & M University

Special Skills
Bartender,Baseball, Basketball, Boating, Bowling, Boxing, Construction Worker,Dancing, Drummer, Fishing, Football, Golf,  Horseback riding,Hunting,Motorcycles, Poker Player, Roller Blading,  Running, Soccer, Swimming,  Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Water Sports, Waiter,and Weightlifting.